Clinton Campaign Links Electability to Skin Color

Yesterday, on a conference call with reporters, Clinton’s chief strategist declared that Clinton made progress in North Carolina because she got more white votes there than in Virginia:

On the Hillary conference call, Hillary chief strategist Geoff Garin made the case for her electability in some of the most explicitly race-based terms I’ve heard yet.

Garin argued that the North Carolina contest, which Obama won by 14 points, represented “progress” for Hillary because she did better among white voters there than she did in Virginia.

“When we began in North Carolina,” Garin said, “our internal polling and much of the public polling [showed] we were running exactly even with white voters.”

Garin said that the Virginia electorate was the “closest white electorate in the country” to North Carolina, and added that Hillary “started even” among whites in North Carolina, and “ended up earning a significant win of 24 points.”

“We obviously did not do as well as we would want or needed to among African American voters,” Garin concluded.

No, and you won’t do if you continue these naked appeals to white racism.

The response by pro-Clinton bloggers is mostly running along the lines of, ‘Clinton is the better candidate because she’s getting the white vote — but it’s not about white voters‘:

Obama has yet to show he can consistently win a majority of racial groups beyond African Americans. He’s loses Hispanics and Asian Americans in addition to white voters, by similar 65-35 margins. Three separate races are voting for Hillary Clinton, and by similar numbers. One race is voting for Barack Obama, and in near unanymity. I don’t begrudge them that, and have even stated that I’m symphathetic.

I agree Obama and the lefty blogs are ignoring The Problem. But this is not a black and white thing. We need to stop lying about that. Has anyone bothered to ask if it’s an experience problem for the other three races, rather than a “black problem”? Obama could be white, brown, or pink and I still would never support him in a primary because he has no experience and has stated publicly that he was too busy running for president than to do his job as committee chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Europe (after decrying what is happening in Afghanistan, which is under his NATO oversight). The Wright issue doesn’t bother me and has no basis in my lack of any confidence in Obama’s leadership abilities.

I’m tired of the subtle attempts to paint me as a racist because I think its a joke that Obama wasn’t laughed off the stage. I didn’t think John Edwards was sufficiently experienced to be president either and he was second to the bottom on my list of Dem candidates.

I know this has been pointed out many times before, but Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards each have exactly the same level of national political experience: They all are or were U.S. senators. Obviously, when George W. Bush ran for president the first time, he did not even have that much national experience.

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