Edwards Has Made His Decision

And it’s Obama:

ABC News’ Kate Snow, Raelyn Johnson, Sunlen Miller, and Rick Klein Report: Former Sen. John Edwards is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy Wednesday evening, in a dramatic attempt by the Obama campaign to answer concerns regarding Obama’s appeal to working-class voters, several senior Democratic sources tell ABC News.

The Obama campaign confirms Edwards will endorse Obama at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan Wednesday. The event was originally scheduled to start at 7pmET, but was moved up to 6:20pmET, presumably to have the announcement make the evening news.

Edwards, who ran for president on a platform of eradicating poverty, plans to appear alongside Obama for the announcement. The event comes one day after Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton defeated Obama by 41 points in the West Virginia primary, and Edwards’ endorsement will give Obama a key establishment stamp of approval as he attempts to close out the nominating process.

Hillary Clinton’s reaction:

“Well, I don’t think it’s good news, but there’s a lot of news in this business and we move forward and move past it,” the Clinton adviser said.

Asked what effect the Edwards endorsement might have: “We don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see how much of it is transferable,” referring to Edwards’ popularity with white working class voters.

Coming off the heels of a 41-point landslide win in West Virginia, the Clinton camp had hoped to build some momentum, pledging to continue the campaign through the remanining primaries over the next three weeks.

“We’re going on to Kentucky and Oregon and the rest of the contests and then we’ll see what happens with Michigan and Florida and by June 4th we’ll have a clearer idea about where everyone stands,” Clinton said in the interview with ABC News’ Charlie Gibson Wednesday.

Clinton is being praised in the blogosphere for disagreeing with John McCain’s “Hamas endorsed Obama” canard, and for saying that it would be “a grave error” for her supporters to vote for McCain rather than Obama “if” he is the nominee. Maybe that’s a sign that, despite all her talk about swing states winning the election, and white blue-collar voters preferring her to Obama, et al., she actually does at least suspect that she is not going to win the nomination. Still, she is going to have a hard time, in my opinion, convincing her fans that Obama is a better choice from day one than McCain is, since she spent so much time earlier in the campaign telling America that she and McCain both had the experience to hit the ground running, while Obama did not. I mean, better late than never, I suppose — but I still find it mightily disingenuous and cynical of Clinton, having played Bush Republican to Obama’s Kennedy-esque Democrat for months and months and months, to suddenly turn around now, at just about the very last moment of the race for the nomination, and make like her views and governing philosophy are more in line with Obama’s than with McCain’s.

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