All Things To All People

Over at Comments from Left Field, matttbastard notes that Andrew Sullivan has noticed that Ron Fournier is attacking Barack Obama now for lacking self-confidence when back in the spring Fournier was attacking Obama for being arrogant and presumptuous.

I noticed that, too (but matt beat me to mentioning it). I’ll just add that it’s not just Fournier doing this. The entire right-wing side of the blogosphere was calling Obama uppity arrogant and presumptuous for “acting too presidential” in Germany and for various other displays of intelligence, confidence, and assertiveness. But until now I hadn’t seen any wingnuts making both accusations in one blog post. Here is Bruce McQuain, commenting on Politico’s “Five Things the Obama Pick Says About Obama”:

He’s insecure about security.

Of course he is. And he should be. He’s said things that have underscored both his inexperience and naivety concerning foreign policy and national security. …

He’s more worried about Lunchbox Joe than Bubba.

This one alludes to Obama being worried about the Clintons. I just don’t see that. Again his inexperience and arrogance betray him. He thinks he’s above the Clintons and doesn’t have to worry about them. …

Bolds are McQ’s; itals are mine.

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