McCain’s Panic Attack

Jazz Shaw has been having the same sneaking suspicion that I have:

We’re not even eight hours into the era of the McCain – Palin ticket, but I am quickly becoming more and more convinced that John McCain had previously decided upon T-Paw or Romney but hit the panic button and selected Sarah Palin after Obama’s Mile High Stadium speech without full vetting. …

Why? Well, first off, the scandal that has already been dubbed “Troopergate.” And second, Palin’s extreme position on abortion:

… While still a divisive issue in the country, poll after poll has shown that voters are only willing to go just so far in support of pro-life movements. Palin has apparently shown herself to be just about as far out on the far right fringe as one could be on this issue, going so far as to say that abortion should be banned even in the cases of rape or incest.

Keenan is upset because Palin also opposes abortions in very rare cases of rape or incest and she complained that “Palin is also a member of the anti-choice group Feminists for Life.”

No matter how conservative you are, you don’t win elections these days on that kind of platform. No word yet on whether or not Palin supports letting a mother die in an effort to save a four-month gestation fetus, but then we’ve only had six hours to dig. The point is, it just doesn’t sell in large portions of the country, particularly with women who can empathize with their sisters who may have been placed in such a horrific condition. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth on this one, but I am becoming more and more convinced that this was a panic move on McCain’s part and Governor Palin was simply not fully-vetted before being thrust on the ticket.

Tony Campbell, also blogging at The Moderate Voice, is thinking dementia:

… I know I am going to get in trouble over this but I have got to let it out. It is official: John McCain has just had his first moment of dementia. As I looked at the possible signs of this terrible disease, I found the following symptoms:

• irrational decision making/judgment
• memory retention issues
• unclear thinking/reasoning

I am not poking fun at this terrible affliction. In fact, my grandfather suffered through it in his later years, but how else do you describe this pick that makes no sense politically. …

I am still scratching my head over this one because there were much better picks ideologically (Romney), geographically (Pawlenty), and for winning the election through the Electoral College (Ridge). Heck, if the decision was focused on winning disaffected Clinton voters, Senator Elizabeth Dole would have been a much better pick.

I thought the Joe Biden pick was bad for Obama; this pick makes Obama seem like a genius. How is she expected to debate Biden? She has been a mayor of Wasila (pop: 8,571) and Biden was elected to the Senate when she was only eight years old. Finally, McCain can kiss the “not ready to lead” argument out of the proverbial window.

The fact that only a month ago, Sarah Palin told Larry Kudlow in an interview that she didn’t know what the vice-president does, and that the position didn’t seem “productive,” kinda tends to strengthen the suspicion that a month ago she had no idea John McCain was going to ask her to be his nominee for vice-president.

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