This and That

Joe Gandelman has a comprehensive roundup on Chris Buckley’s departure from the National Review.

Also at The Moderate Voice, William Kern links to an editorial in Le Monde about the dangers Sen. McCain is courting in appealing to racist sentiments against Obama.

Obama now has a 14-point lead over McCain among uncommitted voters, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll. Another poll has Obama nine points ahead of McCain among the same basic group of voters. Nate Silver thinks the lower figure is closer to the truth.

Stanley Kurtz’s “October surprise” is a big yawn. Matthew Yglesias and Jason Zengerle provide the laughter.

John Cleese thinks Sarah Palin is funnier than Michael Palin. The Anchorage Daily News thinks she is embarrassing. Roger Simon at Politico thinks that “The real problem for McCain is that Palin is running a separate — and scary — campaign that does not seem to be under anybody’s control.”

When it comes to hate speech, Rush Limbaugh has forgotten more than Jeremiah Wright ever knew.

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