Palin’s Future ?

The New York Times has this piece up in the Politics section.  Way down is this

And should she not become vice president, Ms. Palin will have to navigate a changed landscape in Alaska, a task Les Gara, a Democratic state representative, said could prove to be “a rocky road.” Revelations that she charged the state an expense allowance (generally collected for travel away from home) while staying at her home and for her children to travel with her, and about the clothing, have dragged down her public image and her poll numbers.

And while what the Times story mentions is interesting, what they do not mention is an even bigger gorilla in the room.  First to consider is the Legislative Committee that voted unanimously (10 Repubs, 2 Dems) that Governor Palin had violated the Alaskan Ethics Law when she applied pressure on subordinates to fire her ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Wooten.

And let’s not forget the state Personnel Board who is acting on Gov. Palin’s own request to investigate her. Lest one forgets, Gov. Palin appointed the members of the Personnel Board.  One might think that the Board is in the tank for her, that the fix is in.

But, “Whoa.”  The Personnel Board hired a prominent and well respected Democrat lawyer, Tim Petumenos to do the investigation.

I suspect that the power structure in Alaska is looking for an iron-clad, fool-proof way to end Gov. Palin’s political career.  I can already hear the platitudes about how nice she is and what a great mom she is and how much she has done for the state of Alaska, but darn it, we are sure sorry about that ethics law violation.

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