Joe Lieberman campaigned for John McCain and served as one of his closest advisers; accused Barack Obama of not “putting his country first,” encouraged Republican smears that an Obama presidency would lead to a second Holocaust, said he “worried” that Obama didn’t have “the right stuff to bomb Iran,” and told right-wing radio host Glenn Beck — on Election Day, yet — that he feared the country would not survive if the Democrats gained a 60-vote (filibuster-proof) majority in the Senate.

Never mind all that, though — Blue Dog Democrat Evan Bayh thinks a “spirit of forgiveness” is in order (emphasis in original):

Interviewed on Fox News yesterday, Bayh said he disagreed with stripping Lieberman of his chair. “No, I don’t think there should be retribution,” he said. “I think reconciliation is in order, not revenge or retribution.” Bayh suggested that Lieberman apologize and “let bygones be bygones”:

BAYH: And I think if Joe came before the caucus and said look, if I said some things that came as offensive, I’m sorry, but they were, you know heartfelt in my support of John McCain. I think we had to just let bygones be bygones. We’re going to need him on healthcare and energy independence and education and a whole lot of other things.

Bayh said Lieberman may have “perhaps crossed the line” in questioning Obama’s patriotism. But he maintained, “I think everybody understands that supporting your friend [McCain] is perfectly legitimate” and that “we should have a spirit of forgiveness with regard to Joe Lieberman and reconcile and move forward.” Presented with some of Lieberman’s more notorious comments, Bayh countered, saying Lieberman “votes with the majority of Democrats, a vast majority of the time.”

“I think Joe Lieberman got caught up in the emotions of the moment and went too far. It’s a human aspect that I think we all can relate to,” Bayh stated.

Lieberman says that having his position as chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs taken away from him, as Harry Reid wants to do, is “unacceptable,” and that if that happens, he will take his marbles and go over to the Republicans.

Hey, Joe. Close the door after you so we can lock it, will ya?

Or, put another way, what Lieberman finds ‘unacceptable’ is of no consequence.

Or, to be blunt, “Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya.”

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