Party of the Rich and Clueless

From Greg Sargent’s new blogging home:

According to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Web site, the NRCC thinks the economy is “robust”…

“Thanks to Republican economic policies, the U.S. economy is robust and job creation is strong,” the site says.

Permanently stuck on stupid:

The NRCC’s site also explains that if we stray from Republican economic ideas, we will “set back our economy.”

Now, it’s pretty likely that House Republicans simply don’t take their website seriously, and haven’t updated its content since, oh, let’s say the start of the current recession 13 months ago.

Except, that’s not quite right — the site was updated as recently as yesterday, with an item about … wait for it … economic policy.

The DCCC, meanwhile, is having quite a bit of fun with all of this: “I’m sure the millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet in this ‘robust’ economy are overflowing with gratitude for those Republican economic policies that got us into this mess.”

Life must be good on the sidelines.

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