Amato to Obama: Be Bold. You Won. Act Like It.

An urgent appeal:

Obama, please stop playing nice with the Republicans in Congress to pass your legislation. The country rejected conservative philosophy and turned to you to try and navigate us out of this economic Armageddon that we are facing.

I understand that you’ve promised bipartisanship and you’ve kept that promise. However, implementing the massive corporate tax cuts in your plan to appease the Boehners of the right is counterproductive.

About two-thirds of the $825 billion is reserved for spending and the rest for tax breaks. In the Republican response to the president’s address, Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the House minority leader, called for deeper tax cuts instead.

We need sound, but unfettered spending for stimulus and not some watered down bill that will be unable to do the job. As you’ve already seen, phony CBO reports have shown up to try and neutralize your plan before it even became realized. That CBO report was nonexistent, of course.
Republicans lost the election and they need to reorganize their party if they want to be relevant again. It’s fine to bring them into the discussions, but you should have started this negotiation with zero room for tax cuts and then worked up from there. I find it appalling that an economy which was based on tax cuts that led us to the abyss is now being considered as a major component of your plan while infrastructure spending is less than twenty percent of your plan.

And the best part:

Make the stimulus package as big as you want and ram it down their throats in the end if you must. They never worked with the Democrats when they had the majority. We’ve witnessed eight years of them shunning democratic values and they are less inclined to work with you at this point in time because they root for your failure as a whole.

Pres. Obama has shown a stunning (in comparison to most other new presidents) boldness, self-assurance, and willingness to keep his campaign promises. In this area he is faltering. We can only hope he is listening to his progressive base and will take it to heart.

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One Comment on “Amato to Obama: Be Bold. You Won. Act Like It.”

  1. konagod Says:

    I think he’s just doing that reach across the aisle routine. Hopefully he’ll get over that soon enough and start busting some balls.

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