How can Movement Conservatives win?

Maha has, as usual, a thoughtful piece here. It seems as if the radical right has marginalized themselves.  The “Party of NO.”  And they apparently are willing to continue to say that government spending is harmful, cut taxes and let big business get us out of the mess the lack of regulation got us into.

I do not see President Obama making a big enough mistake to cause his popularity to nose-dive.

So, what can happen to help the Republicans and Movement Conservatives post-Specter defection?

The Secretary of the Treasury, Mr Geithner, failing in his job of getting the economy straightened out.  A lot of people have their finger in this pie.  POTUS Econ Advisor Larry Summers, TARP overseer, Elizabeth Warren and others.  But if people see themselves slipping farther and farther behind, if the unemployment rate keeps rising, while CEOs and bank executives are getting record bonuses, the president will have a problem.

Bottom line: worsening economic conditions where the Right can convince the public to once more vote against their best interests is one way and, perhaps, the only way for the Right to make electoral gains.

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