Regional or National ?

Hmm-m-m-m.  So the Repubs are going to get a group of old blood Repubs together and go around the country, meeting with hand-picked, like-thinking  folks to try and put a new face on the tired, worn-out party of small government.

Out-of-step with what the public is clamoring for – well maybe not exactly clamoring, but at least begging for – is a level playing field where the person who stocks the shelves at the local Giant or Krogers has a chance to retire  on a modest income and enjoy her/his golden years.

Regardless of what the Repubs think or the U.S. constitution and/or state constitutions say, most people want one law across the land and view the “states rights” argument as an obstacle to progress.

The courts interpretation of the Commerce clause has been a big step in that direction.  We need to go the rest of the way and eliminate the ability to make a states rights argument by amending the Constitution.

Today – right now – the leaders, and I use that word with a fair amount of caution, of the Republican Party, whether they are elected members of Congress, governors of U.S. states or media pundits are leading the Republican Party down a one-way road to electoral regionalism.  The Repubs will have a handful of electoral votes in the mountain west and a portion of the Old South.

Watching the Republican party make the wrong decision every time they are faced with one, is kind of like watching General Motors for the last 25 years.

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