More on Krauthammer & Torture

I don’t want to steal any of Kathy’s thunder here because I think her piece below is superb.

When it comes to Mr. Krauthammer, Jack Bauer, all the ’24’ apologists and the rest of the Bush water carriers, I don’t give a rat’s ass if waterboarding, in particular, and torture, in general, works.  It is against the law.  It is against U.S. treaties that we have an obligation, as a nation of laws, to live up to.

In one of the many books I read this past winter, and I read a whole lot about the events leading up to Sept 11, 2001 and the invasion of Afghanistan.  Perhaps, it was in Ghost Wars by Stephen Coll where there was a segment about the capture of some relatively high value Afghan.  The FBI agents in Afghanistan were having modest success in getting info from the prisoner.  After about three weeks of interrogation, CIA Director George Tenet convinced the White House to tell the FBI to turn the person over to the CIA.  No more useful info was obtained from the prisoner.

Torture is against the law.  Period.  it doesn’t matter one wit, whether or not it works,  It is against the L. A. W.





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