Take a look-see at “On My Mind.”

Bill Hefner, is a Cold War veteran spending his time on smoke boats (Navy speak for pre-Nuke, diesel-electric submarines).  The quote below is from his profile.

I believe government should intrude in the lives of its citizens to the minumum possible degree, but I also know that it must be big enough to “get the job done.” To me the job of government includes concepts that are usually thought of as liberal such as stringent regulation of necessary monopolies, regulating all business enough to prevent it from becoming predatory, providing necessary comfort to citizens who are rendered destitute by calamity outside their reasonable control, and protection of our environment and natural resources.

Bill seems to have it right.  There are some jobs that only the federal government is big enough to do.  Anyway, take a look at Bill’s place On My Mind.  I think you’ll be well satisfied.

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