U.S. Mission in Afghanistan Is Over

Steve Hynd writes about mission creep in Afghanistan, in light of Gen. Petraeus’s public acknowledgment that the Al Qaeda presence in that country has been defeated:

There is no longer any rationale for the current UN mandate for the occupation of Afghanistan. The US military, the Bush administration and now the Obama administration are engaging in mission creep beyond that rationale; firstly by invoking the “you bought it, you own fix it” Pottery Barn deception – the real Pottery barn rule always was “you broke it, you pay for fixing/replacing it and get the f**k out of our store” – and by redefining the battlefield as “Af/Pak” so that the UN mandate can be, entirely illegitimately, stretched into sovereign Pakistan. …
But aggressive military action of any kind against Pakistan should require a whole new UN Mandate, as should a continuing occupation of Afghanistan now that Al Qaeda has been ousted there. Those new mandated missions also require the UN, not the Obama administration, to clearly set out conditions for their fulfillment. In the absence of those, it’s time to bring the troops home because by the Commander of CentCom’s own admission the legitimate war is over.

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