The Governor Mark Sanford situation is interesting from several perspectives.  First, here is a guy who, to the casual observer, had it all.  A position of political prominence, took his family to China,  Hong Kong, Macao and other exotic places, had been a member of Congress.

Father of four young sons.  Husband for at least twenty years.  What does a long term relationship like that mean?  To Mark Sanford?  To anyone?  Was he a dare-devil?  Was he so successful that he thought he could get away with anything? Did he think that he would never be caught?

Life is short.  Was he not happy?

Does he try and reconcile with his wife and re-build a relationship?  I don’t believe that will be a successful venture.  Does he join his paramour in Argentina?  And what is the record on those situations standing the test of time?  It worked for Edward the VII.

There are no winners in this type situation – ever.  Some people move on, but the scars remain forever.  Some people do not move on and endure the pain.  I’m not talking about the staff and hangers-on.  I am referring to the principals.  Mr & Mrs Sanford, four sons, Maria in Buenos Aires and perhaps two or three others.

In the very recent past we’ve seen some high profile people be humbled by some kind of sexual scandel.  Last names should be enough: Foley, Vitter, Craig, Spitzer, Edwards, ex-Gov of New Jersey, Ensign.

I don’t know if this is hubris or they don’t care but they must think that they’ll never be caught.  Sad.  So sad.

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