Satisfied Or Just Plain Happy.

Over the years, I may have wanted life to take a different direction. I wasn’t always successful in changing what ever course that I was on but I managed to survive, rather intact, to, so far, six years into retirement.

And the question of, “Am I happy?” or “Am I satisfied?” seldom rears its ugly head anymore. I have come to grips with the “Here or There” concept.

That is kind of like asking, “Would I be happier here (Ohio) or scuba diving in the Florida keys?” or “Am I happier here than I would be surfing off the west coast of Costa Rica?” But to go there would require some kind of sacrifice.  I may have to leave behind family members, human and/or canine.  And if I did, in six months or a year, would I be any happier?

Well, with maturity I have learned that if I am not happy here, I probably will not be happy there.

So, what has that got to do with today’s events, because I know you are not interested in my personal quandaries, you are probably wondering?

Governor Mark Sanford comes to mind.  Here is a gentleman who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives and has twice been elected governor of the state of South Carolina.  He is probably a lawyer and I say that only because the vast majority of politicians happen to be lawyers.  So, regardless of his educational achievments, Gov. Sanford is supposed to be a pretty bright fellow.

But, at age 51, he has obviously not thought about the “Here or There” concept.  Or, perhaps he has, but he sure doesn’t act as though he has.  Is his life as governor, living with his wife of 20+ years and four sons, so bad that he has to seek some sort of happiness elsewhere?  Will he truly be happier living with Maria in Buenos Aires?

These are the type of questions that I would expect a 51 year old to have come to grips with some decades ago.  I would suggest that Governor Sanford is neither happy, nor satisfied nor mature.  But, by his choices, some serious sacrifices will be made in the near future.  That was pre-ordained by his actions.  Hopefully, he will find some lasting inner peace (satisfaction) in the near future.

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