I Belong

Yes, I do.  I have thought for a couple of days on how to write this and being straight-forward is the best Idea that I have come up with.

So – I belong.  I belong to an organization, that while having done a lot of good, is not perfect.  That organization is the Free and Accepted Masons or, to most people, the Masons.  I have been a dues paying Mason for almost 32 years, since November 1977.  For awhile, very recently, I was also an active member.  I am still a member but I do not participate.

Why have I chosen not to participate?  The big reason is that I grew up learning to be a problem solver.  I just got tired of hearing the same people complain about problems that had the ability to at least find the source of and possibly solve.

But, there is another part of the Masonic organization that has always bothered me.  You see, I “grew up” in the U.S. Navy of the 1960s and 70s, where there was much less racial tension than in society in general and people of color had a better chance of advancing.

But the Masonic organization to which I belong is “white” only.  Therefore, I was heartened when I ran across this and this.

There is much about Freemasonry that remains shrouded in mystery to the outside world. But a group of members in the US state of Georgia appear to have clarified one thing – the supreme being in which all Masons are required to believe is not likely to be black.

Freemasonry lodges in Georgia are at loggerheads over the admission of a “non-white” member to an organisation that was founded on the principles of the Enlightenment but which is apparently still struggling to catch up with the latter part of the 20th century.

This attitude of mine, of being a “flaming liberal” who is disappointed with President Obama after have worked hard to get him elected, should not surprise regular Liberty Street readers.  Equality of all people before what ever Supreme Being in which you believe (or do not believe) in, is an essential part of my core belief.  Maybe it is the essence from which all other beliefs must emanate.

So, I am glad to see some forward looking brothers, in that bastion of slavery and the Old South, that are willing to do the right thing.

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