MSM – I Do Not Watch/Listen To Them

How many times have I:

  • found an item on the internet a full 2 days before Charlie Gibson reported it on ABC Evening News
  • watched a reporter like Jan Crawford Greenburg give a shallow, biased report on ABC Evening News
  • had to read a few blogs to find out what really is behind an event after hearing about in on MSM

Well, Glenn Greenwald in a much longer piece has this

Huffington argues that establishment journalism is failing due to “the idea that good journalism is about presenting both sides without a voice — without any passion.”  The outlets that continue to adhere to that “obsolete” model “are paying a price.”  Froomkin — who has written extensively about how passion-free, “both-sides-are-equally-valid” journalism is the primary affliction of the profession — echoes that view:  “The key challenge is to present an alternative to the ‘splitting the difference’ culture that has infested traditional media.”

Each MSM company is interested in one thing: Making Money

It is all about profit and “presenting both sides without a voice — without any passion” and not pissing-off any politicians/think-tanks/deep pocket donors.

A simplistic approach to current events may be (but probably not) good for fourth graders.  But I want substance.

I can get my daily ration of “substance” from a whole host of internet sites that are only a mouse click or two away.

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