Broken Campaign Promises

First, from Kathy at Comments From Left Field, this

AIDS activists are furious and showed it by taking over the Capitol rotunda this morning. John Aravosis has the background

Second, from Time

When Barack Obama sought the presidency, he pledged to reverse the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy preventing gays and lesbians from serving openly in the U.S. military. Yet on Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a gay Ohio soldier’s challenge to the law — with the legal backing of none other than the Obama Administration.

There have been approximately 300 service members discharged because of their sexual orientation since President Obama took office.

Third, ‘transparency

When President Obama – in one of his first official acts – committed his new administration to an “unprecedented” level of transparency, EFF applauded the change in policy. Likewise, when Attorney General Holder, at the President’s direction, issued new guidelines liberalizing agency implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we welcomed it as a “particularly promising development.” But we also noted that it remained to be seen whether reality would match the rhetoric as the new policy was applied, particularly in the context of pending lawsuits – several of which EFF is pursuing – that challenge Bush-era decisions to withhold requested information.

Unfortunately, the early indicators are not encouraging. Last week, the Justice Department told a federal judge (PDF) in Washington that the FBI – despite the new Holder FOIA guidelines – will not be altering its previous decision to withhold a substantial amount of information concerning its massive Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW), which the Bureau describes as “the FBI’s single largest repository of operational and intelligence information.” The database contains hundreds of millions of records and has been characterized as an “uber-Google.”

Fourth, doing a ‘google’ search of “obama broken promises” this was the top response.  There are six broken promises.  Take a look.

Fifth, torture

Torture by US officials has long been illegal, but the president’s executive order entitled “Ensuring Lawful Interrogations” seems to clarify, to some extent, what activities are proscribed. Disappointingly, though, this order contains loopholes big enough to drive a FEMA camp train through them.

Putting together the above list is an exercise in disappointment.  After eight years of watching President Bush say one thing and do the opposite, I believed in Barack Obama.  Six months into his term as president, I am saddened by the actions of the President.  I am trying, with no success, to see the difference between Bush and Obama in how their policies affect the average citizen of the Republic.

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3 Comments on “Broken Campaign Promises”

  1. I’m disappointed on a number of these issues as well but I trust that President Obama will come through on some of these if we give him time. He’s being pragmatic and I’m sure that much of that is because of Rahm Emanuel. He’s been there before and if gun shy on a few of those issues. Let’s hope that Obama does right by us on the issues over time.

  2. Chief Says:

    I wish I did not have to say, “I wish I shared your convictions, your confidence in POTUS doing the right thing.”

    In eight plus years we’ve gone from a “nation of laws” to giving our loyalty to an individual.

  3. I hear you Chief and don’t necessarily disagree. He’s still better than the alternative though. It really is incredible how many people don’t seem to remember that we’re supposed to be a nation of laws.

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