When Does

one take on a battle they might well lose?  Each person must make that calculation based on their values and the ability to withstand the consequences of a defeat.  Mike used to say that “B” needed to pick her battles better.  But “B” never had the U.S. district court overturn one of her many botanical write-ups as part of a NEPA document.

I fought battles when I was in the work-place.  I NEVER considered what the consequences might be if I lost.  I only considered right or wrong.

Well now we have this:  The Holder trial balloon: Abu Ghraib redux from Glenn Greenwald where according to the WaPo, the AG may only go after low-level CIA operatives that exceeded the bounds of the OLC memos.

Not to go after the high political people who made it be known what they wanted in the memo, what outcome they would be looking for, would be a travesty.  No more “nation of laws” concept.  Now, it is if the “king/dictator/president/ruler-for-life” says it, it is true.

I would rather support a one term Obama doing the right thing, than a two-term Obama that is a politician looking for re-election.

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