Michael Steele “Doesn’t Do Policy” on Morning Joe, Either

Faiz Shakir:

Fresh off his comedic performance at the National Press Club yesterday, RNC Chairman Michael Steele again demonstrated this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he doesn’t “do policy.” MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch asked Steele for his “one suggestion” of what he would do to bring down health care costs.

“I’ll give you three,” Steele boasted. The RNC Chairman then listed them off: 1) “You’ve got portability,” 2) “Let’s create co-ops,” and 3) “Let’s make it so that the people who aren’t employed or have an employer at the time can deduct their health care if they’re not getting it through their employer.” But Steele wasn’t done. “I’ll give you an extra one: let’s do tort reform!”

“Mr. Chairman,” Scarborough responded, “I agree with you on all four points, but you can add up all those four points and none of them are going to take care of the overriding issue” – exploding health care costs. …

It getts better:

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