Light and Heat

One: This is absurd.

Two: It’s happening, and you need to separate the light from the heat.

Three: See the light

  • Yglesias: “The conservative movement, which never ever ever dedicates any time or energy to the problem of racial discrimination suffered by non-whites, thinks it’s very important to draw attention to the social crisis of white people burdened by accusations of racism.”
  • These two commentaries, one at MSNBC by Dr. Boyce Watkins and the other at Salon by “a Phantom Negro,” have similar themes — essentially, about the tension between African-American “Ivy Leaguers” like Gates, who feel their professional status entitles them to be exempted from the “black tax,” and the much more populous black underclass (poor or working class, living in dangerous neighborhoods, unemployed or underemployed, not college graduates, immigrants, etc.) for whom any encounter with the police could result not just in a brief arrest but serious injury or death (think: Amadou Diallo).
  • Finally, watch this:
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