The Biggest Story Not Reported BY MSM

I heard about this on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and am providing a link to the source.  This is obviously a story that the Obama Administration/Pentagon would rather not see in the MSM and one the MSM will NOT cover.  This is a story about a unit based at Fort Carson, Colorado.  The story could be about any large U.S. Army base – Fort Benning, Fort Campbell, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg – I repeat myself, any large U. S. Army base.

Lest you think this story by Mr. Dave Philipps is an anomaly, Google ‘soldier violence “Ft Campbell” KY.’  Insert any Fort you want (use Camp for Marine Corps) and see the violence that has been perpatrated (mostly on their wives) by military folks that have spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here and here and here are a few links to get you started.

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