Culture Change ?

As I approach the end of my seventh decade occupying ol’ Mother Earth, sometimes it is hard to judge whether it is my attitudes that have become fixed and unyielding or whether the change I see going on around me, really is a degradation of the culture in which I grew up.

I spent my formative adult years as a member of the U. S. Navy.  Sailors are renowned for having tattoos.  Some of the sailors that I was stationed with had one or two tattoos, mostly on their forearms or upper arms.  A very few had tattoos on their chest or other part of their anatomy.

I never had a desire to partake of that Navy tradition and to this day, I have no tattoos, piercings nor body art of any kind.  Unostentatious, the only jewelry I wear is a wedding ring.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Tattoos.  Whenever I go shopping, when I go to the Mall, when I go anywhere,  I see dozens of people, male and female, with tattoos.  Mostly with multiple tattoos.

I wonder, is it a generational thing? 

Am I just out of step?

 Am I not keeping up with progress?

I was a teen when Elvis came out.  Rock ‘n Roll was just starting up.  The adults were afraid ‘us kids’ were leading the nation on a path to ruin.

Is raising questions about tattoos more of that same old thinking?  Or is it an example of our society, the pre-eminent and powerful United States of America, losing its way and sliding to second class status?

Is it me, or has our country fundamentally changed?

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3 Comments on “Culture Change ?”

  1. toptruth Says:

    The answer is yes, Our country (or a great deal of it) has fundamentally changed. Socially, Politically, Culturally…

    What we see now is the reaction to that. People are getting angry because they have been quiet for so long. People did not feel the need to interject themsleves into National discourse previously.

    Now the liberal media has a virtual monopoly and THEY seek to raise the next generation. Economic, Social and Political collapse is taking place. People are tired of being told to shut up, theyre tired of being marginalised. The truth is that most people are not this way. The minority has taken over simply by being louder than everyone else.

    We wont take it anymore. Now we are getting loud too and it feels damn good. Weve been watching, now its time gto use theyre tricks against them. Call us what they will we will not sit idly by any longer.

  2. Chief Says:

    I have been thinking that I have been paying attention. I do not have a clue as to who (and why) the people are that say “We won’t take it anymore.”

    What has gone on in your life that made you feel that you are being marginalized?

    “Liberal media” ?? Where is it? I see a MSM that is much more interested in profits than in ideology. I see a right-wing media, such as World Net Daily or Rush Whomever, that is more interested in seeing the president fail than try to solve problems.

    I think the results of the balloting last November show that people are tired of the lies and bullying of the Bush/neo-cons cabal.

    People want affordable healthcare.

  3. toptruth Says:

    The entire mainstream media with the exception of fox has a radical left wing agenda.
    The reason health care is unafordble is because it is already over regulated by government.
    We need tort reform.
    We need to stop illegals from using our emergency rooms because this is theft.
    Collectivism, weather you call it socialism, communism or obamunism is doomed to fail.
    There will ALWAYS be poor people no matter how much money you throw at the problem.
    I am a blue collar worker and it is me the working poor who get screwed by this stuff.
    You think its okay to tax the rich but they just pass that cost along to the middle class.
    Dont you remember Jimmy Carter?
    The only reason anyone wants Obama to fail is because his policys are bad for this country.
    Even Warren Buffet who endorsed Obama has warned that we are running the country like a banana republic and we are facing national bankruptcy.
    We are now paying 500 Billion/year JUST to service our national debt.

    I agree that the republicans are no sure solution and I will never forgive them for starting the bailouts and taking us into two offensive wars wile we were on the vurge of economic collapse. Both partys knew the crash was coming.
    But the dems are far worse. What we need is to replace the democrats with a third party.

    Seriously I think if you take the time to really listen to the other side you will see that we are not crazy. Dont you think it would be wise to try and see things from the other perspective?

    You should check out my blog it is VERY critical of Bush.

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