I fully realize that no administration and no politician will ever agree with all of my thoughts or ideas.  Some things I may want to see happen are not politically possible.  I suppose.

But, the Obama administration, with all it lofty rhetoric up to and including 20 Jan of this year (Inauguration Day), has fallen short on what I consider some of it’s most important tasks.

First.  The financial industry.  Obama hired two insiders, Geithner and Summers, and then was too timid to tackle the real problem.  No company should be allowed to get so big that it cannot fail.  Those huge Wall Street firms that we gave over $175 BILLION to, should have been nationalized and then broken up.

Second.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  If this can only be repealed or changed by an act of Congress and if it is truly having a detrimental impact on our national security, President Obama could direct the Department of Defense to slow down their investigations and not discharge anyone under DADT.

Third.  Transparency.  President Obama promised transparency in government and in how his administation operates.  Health care/insurance negotiations were supposed to be broadcast on C-Span.  Hasn’t happened.

Fourth.  Job creation.  China is creating 30 million new jobs a year.  The USA is bleeding jobs to China.  And China has a population over three times as large as ours.  The USA needs to be creating something on the order of 8 million new jobs a year.  Government may not actually create jobs but government can put in place policies that encourage companies to expand and new businesses to spring up.

Fifth.  The U.S. Constitution.  Investigations of the many alleged transgressions of the document that guides us, is perhaps my biggest disappointment.  As a member of the bar, Obama should hold the Constitution sacred.  His statements about looking to the future are all well and good.  But any gross criminal misconduct by the Bush administration needs to be at least investigated.

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