Is This A Case Of

two plus two equals what we think it does?

First, go out to this piece on FDL Seminal.  It is long and requires a fair amount of concentration.  Then come back and read what Dr. Hern has to say.

Dr. Walter Hern, a friend of Dr. Tiller,  made the following comment on The Rachel Maddow Show on Wednesday, 12 August:

The anti-abortion movement and the rest of the radical political, political, religious right is fundamentally opposed to basic premises of American society.  They don’t accept the rule of law, they don’t want debate, they don’t want discussion, they don’t want reason, they don’t want moderate discussion.

They want totalitarian, theocratic society and they are willing to use violence to get it.  And that is one of the things we’re seeing, the mob rule, this going on in some of the congress members, ah-h-h, members of congress, town meetings, is a prelude to that kind of violence and destruction and it’s the antitheses of the democratic process.

It will be a difficult effort for a quiet truth to win out over a noisy, violent lie.

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