A Bay Stater’s View of Ted Kennedy

I graduated from high school in Massachusetts when a different Kennedy was a senator from Massachusetts.  Upon graduation, I joined the Navy and left the Bay State.  Upon hearing of Senator Kennedy’s death, I emailed a classmate who, except for his college years, has lived his whole life in eastern Massachusetts and asked:

Friend & Classmate,

You, having spent your whole life in Massachusetts certainly would have a different perspective on this than I do.  What are your thoughts on Ted Kennedy?

His response:


You have to remember that I have worked in human services all my life and the people I have worked with have benefited greatly from legislation that was originated, generally, by Teddy Kennedy.  Children’s health, disability and mental health legislation – the list goes on and on.  Although I am a lifelong Democrat, I think I am fiscally more conservative than the Teddy Kennedy wing of the party is, although I would also call us definite social liberals.  All in all I think that he did more to advance the cause of human and civil rights over his 47 years as a senator than anyone else I can think of.  It will seem strange not having a Kennedy in office – Jack Kennedy was the first I knew of and I have always been disappointed that I was too young in 1960 to vote for him.  Ted Kennedy was responsible for getting the voting age lowered to 18 and I think that is a good thing.  He was definitely bigger than life and I think that his life was shaped by forces bigger than he.  Certainly his mistakes were also bigger than life but by the time his father and brothers had set the standard for a lower than average moral code, poor Teddy had been well schooled!  All in all, a great life, a great benefit to the common man and a politician who understood the real meaning of the word “all,” as in “Liberty and Justice for all.”
Just my view…..

‘Nuff said.

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