Mr. President, The Truth, Please

The situation in the whole of south Asia is far from simple and has more facets than a classic, round-cut diamond.

  1. Oil and natural gas in the -stans.
  2. Nuclear weapons in Pakistan & in India
  3. Tensions in Kashmir.
  4. Nuclear activity/research in Iran
  5. Russian interests in Russia’s backyard.

For whatever reason, I do not see any U.S. administration being open & honest with the American people and the world as to our reason for being in Afghanistan.  What exactly are the “vital U.S. interests” at stake here?

There are obviously problems that will affect the U.S. on a long term basis.  But I do not believe that military force is the proper to use to resolve those problems.

Diplomatic advances should be much cheaper on the Treasury and will achieve a more permanent long term solution.

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