Peek at the Future

Runaway industrialization, commercialization, profits-at-any-and-all-costs is what the United States has turned into.  When wages at big-box stores such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot are kept at poverty levels where skilled, over-qualified people feel lucky to find employment, the items that we use on a daily basis must be produced in low-wage foreign countries so folks below the poverty level can afford them.

It was over ninety years ago that Henry Ford increased his workers pay to five dollars a day.  He absolutely did not do this because he was a generous old soul.  He most certainly was not. No, he raised their wages so they could afford the product they ere making and that he wanted to sell.

We are no better off than the least of us.  If CEO’s are making 500 times more than their employees are, if people are having to file for bankruptcy because their medical bills are unmanageable and if lending institutions are targeting minorities because they are easy targets, then we have become a nation of, “I got mine, and I want yours, too.”

You can call it socialism or true Christianity or true Judaism or whatever you want, but until and unless we can come together to help our “brothers” we are going to go the way of the Roman empire two thousand years ago.

ANCILLARY THOUGHT: One of my degrees is in accounting.  One of the things that I learned while earning that degree was that there is either a law or a SEC regulation that says that a company’s only obligation is to maximize the return to the owners, i.e. stock holders.  The company has no obligation to it’s employees or customers.  Reducing costs are the lens through which all actions are seen.

This law or SEC regulation is certainly at odds with our Judeo/Christian upbringing and common background.

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