And Yet More

Perception is reality for a good number, probably over fifty percent, of people.  If there is a perception of voter fraud, of stuffing the ballot box, then there may be a feeling of illegitimacy in the elected official.  This McClatchy story about the U.N. Secretary General removing a U.N. official from his post in Afghanistan because he was trying to ensure the election was fair is disturbing.

In a telephone interview with McClatchy from his home in Vermont, Peter Galbraith said that his dismissal could hurt the credibility of the U.N. mission and the election in the eyes of ordinary Afghans, many of whom already think the August election was rigged in favor of U.S.-backed President Hamid Karzai.

“This risks undermining confidence both in the U.N. and among Afghans in the election process,” Galbraith said. “This was a long-running disagreement which related to whether the U.N. should take a role in reducing the risk of fraud, which I believed it should.”

“I am disappointed,” he said.

While there is not even a hint of U.S. involvement in the removal, there are no comments deploring the move, either.

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