Read here, here and here, in order.  Somewhat of a synopsis appears here.

I have read considerably about Afghanistan, Pakistan and India during the past year.  I do not, by any stretch, claim to be an expert on any foreign policy matter.

However, I do feel that I am a reasonably intelligent person who strives to keep informed about current events.

The recent presidential election in Afghanistan was undoubtedly corrupt.  Karzai was going to win.  Why did he feel it necessary to stuff the ballot boxes in order to insure a victory?

It is time for the U.S. to resort to diplomacy and remove our military personnel from Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Period.  If diplomacy will not work then the Afghans will have to rid their country of the corrupt warloards and politicians and Pakistan will have to do the same.

BottomLine: Bring the troops home.

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