Elizabeth Warren and TARP

Elizabeth Warren, a law professor at Harvard Law School, is Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee which tries to track the TARP dollars that the large banks and Wall Street firms received last year.  She is my favorite person in the public arena, because she uses her intelligence to ask pointed, yet respectful, questions of administration officials.  Here is a link the the first of a five page interview in today’s WaPo.

This part of the interview took place at the bottom of page three (my ems):

ROMANO: I was reading a transcript of a hearing that you conducted with Secretary Geithner.

And you had a very good question, which was why is it that the banking institutions and the automobile companies were treated differently, that the criteria for receiving the funds was very different. The banking industry didn’t really have to meet much, and the automobile industry did. If I recall right, you asked the question three times.

And I’m not sure he ever answered it.

WARREN: If he answered it, I didn’t catch it.

This is an interesting read.  I think you will find it worth your time.

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