What’s Shakin’ ?

Looks like politics as usual in this WaPo piece on troop deployments to Afghanistan.

And American business is just as short-sighted as ever as reported in The New Yorker.

I fully understand the need for rules and regulation.  But I think that school administrators that have a PhD. in education need to apply a healthy dose of common sense to some situations. Fer Crissakes, he’s a six year old Cub Scout, not a Navy SEAL.

This is the first serious effort to overturn a really stupid policy.  McClatchy reports on a Congressional effort that is gaining momentum.

Human origins.  I have read most of the popular books on this subject  published over the last fifty years.  Last week I watched three hours of  paleo- folks talk about and dissect this find.  The first two hours will be repeated on 15 Oct at 9 PM (EST) on the Discovery channel.  Time well spent.

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