They Really Do Not Want To Govern

If I really thought that politicians were stupid, I’d probably say, “I guess somebody missed this.”  But this move by Senator Vitter and Senator Bennett, who have both been members of congress for a long time, is just political grandstanding.  I mean it’s not like the 2010 census was just thought up last week.

These two shining examples of post-partisan politics were members of the Senate in April 2008.

The bureau submitted its final questions to Congress in April 2008. Adding another question without proper vetting could damage the final data, the Commerce Department said in a statement. It would also make it impossible to deliver population numbers to determine House seats by next December’s deadline, it said.

And, the cost, beyond the incalculable cost of missing next year’s deadline

The amendment would bar any funds from being used for the Census if it doesn’t ask about a person’s citizenship status. A similar measure has been introduced in the House. If successful, the change would force the Census Bureau to reprint more than 425 million questionnaires, as it had already started printing the forms in order to have them ready for distribution in early 2010. It would require software revisions, new training materials and revised promotional campaigns.

Bennett and Vitter should have brought this up in April ’08.  But that might have had a negative impact on the elections last fall.  Oh, wait, could it have been any worse for the RepubliKKKans ??

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