In the world of getting elected to office there is a lot of arcane but necessary knowledge that needs to be put into play.  There are deadlines that must be met, there are petition drives (signatures gathered), there are GOTV folks needed and phone banks and mail-outs and on and on.

Now, the republican party appears to be on the verge of a split.  On one side are the elected party people.  The actual office holders who, for the most part, understand the machinery necessary to get a name on the ballot and have successfully done that.

On the other side are the Tea-Bag/Birther/Deather (TBBD) who believe every word that WorldNetDaily prints and would be considered the far-right radical fringe.  There are the folks that are all stirred up about “losing their country.”

Several questions occur to me.  First, are the currently elected Republicans sufficiently right-wing enough to gain the votes of the TBBD people?  Do the TBBD people have enough cohesiveness to run their own candidates in the primaries?  Whichever of the Republican candidate wins in the primary, will the other side support that candidate in the general election?

Is this minority party moving to the point of irrelevance?

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