Afghan – Again

As I’ve posted here and here I think it is time for the United States to get out of south Asia, a.k.a. Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This most recent post by Eric Margolis more than adequately explains my concerns.

Meanwhile, the feeble, deeply unpopular US-installed government in Islamabad faces an increasingly rancorous confrontation with the military and angry opposition groups who accuse it of betraying Pakistan’s national interests.

Like the proverbial bull in the china shop, the Obama administration and US Congress chose this explosive time to try to impose yet another layer of American control over  Pakistan. This heavy-handed action comes at a time when Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama considers sending thousands more US troops to Afghanistan.

Tragically, US policy in the Muslim world continues to be too often driven by arrogance, ignorance, and special interest groups.

There are several (many ? ? ) reasons why the involvement of the United States in that part of the world is against our best interests.

  1. We are broke.  The US has spent money (off-budget) it did not have by borrowing from China and not raising taxes at home.
  2. Muslims do not like the word “crusade.”
  3. Islam is a mono-theistic religion that is not that much different from Christianity.
  4. The US is helping oppressive dictators stay in place in much of the Muslim world.

I hope that President Obama has the courage and the wisdom to not listen to the chicken-hawks in the media and those who may be advising him, and decides that increasing the troop levels in the Af-Pak theater is not in our best long term interests.

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