Hypocrites – Part 5

There is a group of people in this country who claim to be “pro life.”  They say they are against abortion and that any and all abortions are murder.  Most, but not all, of these “pro life” people are Republicans and/or conservatives.

And, if they were consistently against killing, well, I wouldn’t be writing this.

But a good portion of these folks are for the

  • Global War on Terror
  • The war in Iraq
  • Sending more of our troops to Afghanistan

And those above three items involve killing people.  Some of the people killed may be “real bad guys” to use Dick Cheney’s term.  But for every “bad guy” we murder (and that is what it is – we murder the “enemy’), there are numerous women and children who are killed and referred to by the MSM as collateral damage.

And Congress passes a budget that requires the Treasury to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars from China and Japan.

Yet, according to a Harvard University study, we have about 45,000 people in this country die every year because they do not have health insurance and Congress cannot pass any kind of a bill that will provide some kind of affordable health care insurance for everyone.

Looks to me like we’d rather fund death than life.

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