And what is paradox ranting about?  What ?  Have you been pulling a Rip Van Winkle ??

Big pieces or little pieces, there is a lot of broken stuff out there.

New Orleans.  Katrina.  When is somebody going to lead to fix New Orleans.  No hospital, schools still closed.

Jobs.  Jobs moving overseas.  It began on Clinton’s watch with NAFTA and other treaties.  And it has accelerated greatly during the eight years of the Chimp-Cheney reign.

The job situation is so bad that the military has had a banner year in recruiting.  Even better than when the GI Bill ended in the late 70s.

Exactly what is our national interest in Afghanistan?  Please, somebody tell me.

We have ten to fifteen percent of the country fixated on talk radio and Fox news and are too stupid to do just the minimum of reading in an attempt to ascertain the truth.

Is that ten to fifteen per cent afraid that people of color will finally find some kind of equality?

Shrillness – For the last twenty years or so, ever since the Gingrich Revolution or a little before, there has been a shrillness to the national dialogue.  Both sides talking past each other.

What passed for civility seems like a distant memory.  Was there ever civility?

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