Health Care

What I am hearing on MSNBC and what I am reading is

  • The ‘public option’ will take effect in 2013
  • If  your employer provides health insurance you will not be eligible for the public option
  • Only about 10 – 30 million people in the country will be eligible for the public option

From the Oklahoma Daily

As Congress inches closer to passing a health care reform bill, many things remain uncertain, but one isn’t: Most of the bill’s major provisions won’t take effect until 2013.

This is a classic bait-and-switch scheme.  As Sen. Wyden says

“I agree with Senator Reid that health reform should give Americans more options.  Now, I want to work with him to ensure that all Americans can choose those options,” Wyden said. “The bottom line is that the public option can’t really hold private insurers accountable if it is only competing for 10 percent of the insurance market, because private insurance companies aren’t going to change their business practices if 90 percent of their customers can’t take their business elsewhere.

“Real reform means empowering Americans to choose insurance that works well for them and their family, while rejecting plans that don’t.  Including a public option is a step in the right direction, now let’s remove the firewalls in this bill that prevent Americans from choosing it,” Wyden said in a statement.

Understanding how businesses operate, I know that unless the companies that provide health insurance to the public for profit face a universal public option that anyone that currently has insurance can jump to the public option anytime they want to, unless there is true competition, insurance company rates will keep on forcing people into bankruptcy.

And even though this post is about health care, I am becoming more and more disenchanted with President Obama.  He is

  • Continuing Bush’s policy re: lack of transparency of torture, Federal attorney firings, Gitmo
  • Troops in Afghanistan – he has increased them once.  Is the second increase coming?
  • Why did he not even have ‘single-payer’ on the table?
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