History / Poly Sci Majors

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


From Matt Hoh’s resignation letter:

Our support for this kind of government, coupled with a misunderstanding of the insurgency’s true nature, reminds me horrible of our involvement with South Vietnam; an unpopular and corrupt government we backed at the expense of our Nation’s own internal peace, against an insurgency whose nationalism we arrogantly and ignorantly mistook as a rival to our own Cold War ideology.

Afghanistan may not (yet, anyway) be exactly analogous to Vietnam.  That is not the point.  The point is that after seeing how much damage Vietnam did to the United States and seeing how the Soviet Union’s nine years in Afghanistan caused a break-up of the country, why, oh why, oh why have we not been able to apply those lessons to our activities in the Af/Pak Theater?

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One Comment on “History / Poly Sci Majors”

  1. oldephartte2 Says:

    Studied Stupidity continuing for decades may have another explanation than the one given. As an analysis for the behaviour of the most astute in handling money… Remember what the cop shows say : “Follow the Money.” For the quick route to that Smedley-Butler is hard to beat : “War is a Racket”.

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