Cost-Benefit ? ?

I thoroughly understand how to do a Cost-Benefit analysis.  While in the workplace I did dozens of formal Cost-Benefit Analysis’. Literally.  And probably hundreds of them in an informal, “back of an envelope” way.  When it comes to business decisions such as do I buy a truck with these features or those features and how much will I use each of the various features or do I even buy a truck or maybe the occasional rental is more cost saving.

That I understand and subscribe to.

But doing a cost-Benefit Analysis where human lifes are at stake is beyond the pale.  All human life is precious and valuable.  And to me it doesn’t matter if a certain non-invasive procedure will save one person out of every one thousand tested or if it will save only one out of every two thousand tested, let us do the procedure and have our health insurance pay for it.

It is a human life.

It is somebody’s mother.

It is somebody’s sister.

It is somebody’s daughter.

Compared to the agony endured if breast cancer is not discovered in time, mammography is inexpensive.

Ya see, there is no price that makes pain, suffering, anguish, or distress worth it.

How inhumane a country have we become?


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