It Is Hard

to know where to begin.  I know that if you are reading this, you probably have at least some similar feelings.

The disappointments are many.  After eight years of the incredible and unbelievable incompetence of the Bush administration, I really and truly believed that Obama would bring some much needed change.

A new broom sweeps clean.

A breath of fresh air.

I do not know where to begin in listing my disappointments.

Money.  Banks.  The “financial services industry.”  The federal gov’t gave hundreds of billions to financial institutions deemed to big to fail, eventually giving them an unfair advantage over the smaller banks.  We’ve had a record number of banks go under so far this year. One hundred and twenty five and counting.  Wall Street is still giving out billions in bonuses.  AIG, which we taxpayers own 80% of, is giving huge bonuses to their employees.  The President, with great fanfare, last May signed a bill that was supposed to help the consumer vis-a-vis credit cards.  Watch this Frontline show and then tell me who is running the country.

Transparency.  Obama is enforcing the same secrecy rules that Bush put in place.  Everything the administration does that is even remotely connected to “national security” is a big secret. Whether it is bogus war crimes charges to keeping the military commissions, nothing has changed.  This president is reputed to understand the U.S. Constitution, yet he is shredding it just as fast as his predecessor did.  And while a lot of pundits claimed that Bush was to dumb to realize what was going on and Cheney was behind it all, everybody knows that Obama is far too smart to have the wool pulled over his eyes.  These are his mistakes.

Afghanistan.  And we were going to wind it down, de-escalate. Ain’t that a crock that stinketh to high heaven.  Increasing the troop strength by 34,000 and increasing the number of government paid contractors by 34,000 with out a tax increase to pay for it, is a recipe for disaster.

Jobs.  Whatever the unemployment rate it, and it depends on how and who is counting, the number of unemployed and part-time workers is far, far too high.  And all these “service-industry” jobs with no benefits that are barely above minimum wage.  Jobs or lack thereof, are what will motivate the voter next November.

Health Care.  Why was “single payer” never put on the table?  Now whatever public option there may be will not kick in for four years?  That is two Congresses that can vote to reduce whatever benefits may be passed and signed into law in the near future.

Timidity.  Some want to call it post partisan.  The Republicans stated goal is to see the Obama presidency fail.  The President doesn’t need any help from the Republicans.  He is doing all he can to guarantee failure as the most likely outcome.  Boldness would have worked last February.  It is too late to try and change course and be an affirmative leader.

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