Can This Really Be True?

I found this article at AlterNet and to be honest, I am not at all familiar with AlterNet.  This part of the article is particularly disturbing.

50 percent of U.S. children, one out of every two children, will need to use food stamps to eat.

One out of every two children in the United States of America will need to use a food stamp… to EAT!

How did we get here?  Mrs Chief and I raised four children on a Navy enlisted man’s pay and never had to use, and never even qualified for, food stamps.

I would like to be able to preface the next remarks with, “Without being unduly pessimistic or gloomy,” but that will not work.  I am extremely pessimistic.  What ever has happened in the last thirty to forty years has put the United States on an irreversible downhill slide.  The ‘baby boom’ generation will be the last to enjoy the Great American Ride.

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One Comment on “Can This Really Be True?”

  1. jonolan Says:

    AlterNet is essentially a pro-Anarcho-Socialism forum. I wouldn’t trust anything that I found there.

    On the other hand, facts are facts, so even AlterNet cannot always be dismissed out of hand. Just attempt to verify the actual facts – if any – that they spew forth and account for both their lies / shadings and consider the character of whoever they use as a source.

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