This Is The First

time in decades that I’ve agreed with a Republican. Or at least possibly agreed with one.

I’ve read this story and all of the comments up to now.

When it comes to where they live and where they go, service people, members of the U.S. military, do not have a lot of say so.  I know.  I did it for 21 years of my life.  There needs to be a uniform set of rules, applicable to all military members, nationwide when it comes to child-care, dependent-care and similar “family” matters.

After returning home from Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Vanessa Benson is in, what she calls, the fight of her life, reports CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller.

She and her ex-husband are battling over custody of their 14-year-old son John. Benson, in accordance with her mandated family action plan, temporarily gave the ex-husband custody before she was deployed last December with the understanding John would return home once she did. That didn’t happen.

. . .

Rep. Michael Turner, R-Ohio, has proposed a bill he says would protect service members’ custody rights by setting universal federal standards state family courts must follow.

The biggest difference between now and when I served is the much higher percentage of female service members.  Virtually all service members were male and child custody was not an issue.  Mom got the children.

The Department of Defense has successfully fought the bill since its introduction in 2007, arguing that states are better equipped to handle custody issues.

Declining an on-camera interview, the Pentagon issued this statement saying, “We strongly believe that federal legislation in this area of the law, which has historically and almost exclusively been handled by states, would be counterproductive.”

It seems to me that this is one worry we want to eliminate so that deployed service people aren’t constantly worried about this while deployed.

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