I Must Ask The Question

I am a secularist – I suppose.  First and foremost, I tend to believe what I see.  Secondly, if I cannot see the item in question, I attempt to use my common sense and what ever it is that I have learned in my life,  in my quest to understand the item or event in question.

And in this season occurs one of the first events that I found as a young person to be implausible.  That would be a ‘virgin birth.’

It is commonly accepted that the first documentation of a “virgin birth” for Jesus occurred about 80 years after his birth.  At that time, anyone who had first hand knowledge, that could attest to the facts had long since died.

First off, this just doesn’t make sense.  Unless – and only, unless – you really want to believe.

Two other facts mitigate against a virgin birth.  First, this was a concept that pre-dated the birth of Jesus by at least one thousand years.  Back then when soldiers went to fight a war, they might be gone for five or ten years.  The Trojan War (remember Helen of Troy?) was a ten year long war.  So when the soldier returns from a six year war and sweetie has a 3-year old, her answer has to be, “Zeus came down and did it.”  I don’t know whether the soldier believed his wife or not but it must have happened often enough for the myth to have survived three millennia.

The second fact that mitigates against a virgin birth for Jesus is that as a ‘start-up’ religion, Christianity was competing against many other religions, some of which had a founder who was the product of a virgin birth.

This is a subject that both Christians and Muslims must, or at least should, think about and consider the possibilities.

I found helpful info here, here and here.

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