Words We Never Hear

It would be nice if the Public could hear the same advice in real time that the President hears from his National Security Adviser or from the National Security Council or DOD specialists.  The Public could have informed debate and make their own informed decisions.

What do you think the Public reaction would have been if they had heard this early in the Viet Nam conflict?

And General Maxwell Taylor reported in 1964:*

The ability of the Viet-Cong continuously rebuild their units and to make good their losses is one of the mysteries of the guerrilla war . . . Not only do the Viet-Cong units have the recuperative powers of the phoenix, but they have an amazing ability to maintain morale.  Only in rare cases have we found evidences of bad morale among Viet-Cong prisioners or recorded in captured Viet-Cong documents.

* p. 475, “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn

The United States is viewed by the (take your pick) Taliban, Pastuns, Afghans as occupiers exactly the same as most natives in South East Asia viewed the United States in the 1960s.  Which certainly explains why they will never run out of suicide bombers, why they have more recruits than they need, why al Qeada has competition from other groups in the greater Middle East/South Asia area.

Not only is the United States sending to ruin the lives of far too many of our youth, but it is the treasure we are wasting in Afghanistan and Iraq when we have health care and infrastructure issues that the President and Congress refuse to address in a serious manner.

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