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A lot of us are familiar, more or less, with the reasons to be or not to be in, with military forces, south Asia, specifically, Afghanistan.  And there are a lot of opinions and some factual material regarding the U.S. adventurism in that part of our world.  And some folks compare it to our involvement in Viet Nam while others point out that Vietnam was jungle while Afghanistan is a mountainous desert.

Well, I have read several books about our involvement in Afghanistan in the past year.  Now, almost by accident, I find myself reading about our experience in Viet Nam.  I would like to share with you the titles and authors of three of those books.  Now, mind you, each one of these books covers a much longer period than the Viet Nam war.  But each book has some significant information about what Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were told by the experts of the time.

Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”  (has a chapter on Viet Nam)

Derek Leebaert’s “The Fifty-Year Wound”

Nicholas Thompson’s “The Hawk and the Dove”

None of these books give a comprehensive view of American involvement.  They talk about what the policy wonks were telling POTUS and SecDef.

For a much more comprehensive story on how the U.S. vecame involved in Viet Nam try George McT. Kahin’s “Intervention.”

Here is a link to The Rachel Maddow Show from 29 Dec where Richard Engle talks about a new Pentagon report.

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