I Can Not Figure

out where all the hate comes from.  First we have Pat Robertson with what is not only a hate filled comment but also one that makes me wonder about the mental abilities of those folks that watch and donate to his 700 Club.  They must be both stupid and consumed with hate.

And the Fat-Bombast-Obese Lying Drug-Addicted Pimpled-Buttock-Draft-Dodging America-Hating Viagra-Enhanced Race-Dividing Scroogelike-Loser otherwise known as Rush Limbaug that makes $30 million a year is reported at the Huffington Post to have said different but equally hate filled comments on his radio show.

What kind, I say “What Kind?” of people do we have as fellow citizens of the republic who listen to this garbage, this tripe, this uncontested sewer material?  How big an audience must he have to command the millions he gets to spout hate?  And with his many millions, you can bet your sweet ass that he would never vacation in “the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.”

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