Bigger Than Politics

What can be bigger than politics, you might ask?  Well, sometimes an event happens than causes one to put things in perspective.

I graduated from high school in 1958 from a high school in Massachusetts.  I have been in intermittent contact with a classmate who graduated with me and went on to much bigger and better things than I.  Let’s call him Z.  Z and a female classmate were an item in high school and eventually married had three children and successful careers.

Seeing they live in Massachusetts, I sent him an email last week asking what was going on in the Coakley Senatorial race.  I would have expected a response before the election, but I was not prepared for the response I got this morning. (Names are changed.)

I’m very sorry that I haven’t had time to reply to your email..  Things have been rather rough around here for the past month. Y has been diagnosed with lung cancer which metastacized to the brain.  The original diagnosis was made in Connecticut where we had gone for Christmas at our son’s.  The brain tumor was removed at Danbury CT Hospital on December 30th.  We came home on Jan 4th and went immediately to Mass General.  She is having 14 days of radiation to the head now and we are in the process of getting the prognosis on the lung tumor.  She’s had about every test in the book and tomorrow we see the oncologist to get his recommendations for a treatment plan to deal with the tumor.  It has involved lymph nodes so surgery is not an option at this point.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we’ll try to keep you updated.

To me, this is much bigger than politics.  I can offer what ever support and/or sympathy that I am able to Y and Z.  I cannot change the unlawful policies that the Bush administration put in place that the Obama administration seems determined to keep in place.

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