Senator Brown

I just sent the following to Senator Sherrod Brown:

I live in the Ohio eighth congressional district.  A few years back, when now Senator Brown was in the House of Representatives, Senator Frist was Majority leader in the Senate.  The Republicans did not have 59 senators at the time.  They only had 53, I believe.  Yet, if I recall correctly, Sen. Frist threatened to eliminate the filibuster if the Dems used it too much.
Now the Dems have 59 senators and act as if they are spineless in front of the 41 Repubs.
Go here to see how I really feel:
I don’t post every day, but as a liberal/progressive, I post what I and my extended family feel.

In conjunction with my last post, I really do not have any good feelings about any change in Senatorial conduct.

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